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Please give us a call for immediate service. We are often occupied with jobs, and therefore have a voicemail box setup. Please leave your name and number along with a quick description of your problem and we will get back to you that day!


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We also accept submissions for appointments over the web. Please fill out the following form, and given you have an e-mail program on your computer we should receive the message within a few minutes! In the event your browser returns an error, then please contact us through e-mail, or via the phone! Thanks!
(Note, you may receive a notice from your browser that you will be sending this information unencrypted. It is up to you whether you wish your personal information to be transmitted clear text over the web, but we see very little security problem as far as an outside party viewing your info. The odds of someone monitoring our e-mail submissions is remote. Please contact us in a way you decide on!)

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