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About ProTechs Computer Services

ProTechs Computer Services is a small, professional group of IT professionals with years of phone, and one-on-one technical service experience. Read about our technicians and see for yourself why we are the support you need!

Jim Freeland Jim graduated from St Cloud State University in December of 2000 with an Accounting Information Systems degree. He is currently living in the Twin Cities area where he functions as ProTechs' support specialist. He has been designing web sites for people for several years with many well known sites showing proof of the quality of work he is capable of. Hibernian Life Insurance, AZ Advisory, and of course the site you are currently viewing! With three years of supervisor experience at St Cloud State's Computer Helpdesk Jim brings a total understanding of your situation whenever you give PCS a call!

Mike Schomer

Mike is currently a student at St Cloud State University majoring in a combination Computer Information Systems degree, and Networking degree. Mike is the current Helpdesk supervisor, and is incredibly focused on educating the users he deals with on an everyday basis.

Jason Gross

Jason is also currently a student at St Cloud State, and he is an Accounting Information Systems major also. Jason works hard to assist users with gaining an understanding of their problem, while providing custom solutions to their every need. Jason's reliable service and friendly personality make him a valuable PCS support specialist!

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