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Protechs thanks you for your desire to maximize your computing experiences! Our goal is simple....Allow you the ability to enjoy your computer worry free, and use it for what it was purchased for....Your enjoyment and entertainment! The many sections on our site are filled with information about everything from customized e-mail setup and instructions, to diagnosing and solving those mind boggling computer problems! When you just can't make it work the way you would like it to, call us for assistance!

We'll use this site to introduce our services. We hope you will want to spend time figuring out what PCS is all about, so our web site will highlight the most important features of our business. We'll think of our site as a kind of portal, giving customers the information they want at a glance.

Customer FAQs

What do you charge for your one of a kind service?

Answer: Rates vary based on type of service required with $50.00/hr as our most common rate. However, adjustments are made to this rate as jobs vary in difficulty.

How do I know you will solve my problem?

ProTechs Computer Services stands behind our technicians, and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Do ProTechs service business computers and applications?

Yes! We travel to meet your business location, and provide 100% satisfaction when dealing with you or your IT personnel!

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